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You can see from the equipment list and photos we are well equipped. The studio features an impressive selection of vintage tube amps, a Hammond B3 with Leslie 147, an 1890 Steinway Grand Piano, and several styles of electric guitars as well as a Martin acoustic guitar. The drums were personally recommended by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Hal Blaine. It is a marvelous Pearl studio kit with Zildjian cymbals. How much or little you want or need to use our instruments and amplification is open to negotiation. They’re there, they work, and they sound great.

For recording, we use a Power Mac G5 with Pro Tools HD and have with ProControl mixing surface with 24 flying faders. We also have a Studer 24 track 2" tape machine for those who would prefer to use tape (or are in need of tape transfer). For analog and digital conversion, we use a Digidesign 192 and an Apogee DA16x as well as an Apogee AD16x. We have an SPL Mix Dream Model 2384 Class A Mix System to maximize the advantage using both digital and analog mediums for recording and mixing. Our outboard processing features 2 classic Teletronix LA2A and 2 Universal Audio 1176 Tube Compressors. The list of Pro-Tools plug-ins and related software tools is comprehensive and better discussed than listed.

For mic preamps we use api 3124+, Grace, Great River and OSA, as well as a Focusrite Liquid Channel.


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